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Woody's Camp & Bait 

If you're not having fun it's your own "dam" fault!
Located below Mississinewa Dam

Campground Rules and Regulations

1. Pets are allowed, but it is your responsibility to clean up after them, and to keep them on a leash. Barking dogs will not be tolerated! There are too many children in and around the campground to allow your pets to run wild. Only two dogs per campsite. Vaccination records should be kept on hand at all times.

2. Please be respectful of other campers. Quiet time is from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. Monday thru Thursday and from 11 p.m. to 9 a.m. Friday thru Sunday. Holiday weekends: 12a.m. to 9 a.m.

3. There are to be no uncontrolled firearms on the premises. If you bring a gun to the campground, you should be in control of that weapon at all times. You must be able to immediately produce a license to carry any firearm into the campground. Any act of violence will immediately be reported to the Miami County Sheriff’s Department.

4. There is to be no bicycle riding in the campground after dusk. This is for your safety as well as the rest of our campers.

5. The playground is intended for the use of children age 12 and under. We will not tolerate bullies at the playground. Any child who misbehaves at the playground will receive one warning from the management. If the behavior continues, the child will be asked to leave the playground for the remainder of the day.

6. Please do not leave your children unattended and out of your control. This is especially important on holiday weekends when the campground is full of strangers.

7. Alcohol is permitted, but there is to be no minor consumption on the premises. Please use discretion when traveling around the campground with alcoholic beverages. Absolutely no form of illegal drugs will be tolerated on these premises!

8. Please try to keep your children and pets away from other people’s campsites. If you witness any act of vandalism to any campsite, vehicles, or campground facility, please report it to the management immediately.

9. We request that there be no fireworks discharged within the campground. Tents and awnings are highly flammable. If you must bring fireworks to the campground please let them off over one of the fields bordering the campground.

10. We (John Foust and Tina Duggins-Foust, dba Woody’s Spillway Camp & Bait and the staff) claim no responsibility or liability for any items damaged or stolen from your campsite. Please do not leave any items of value to you unattended at your campsite.

11. There is a modern bathhouse on the premises for use by our campers. Please treat it as if you are the one who has to clean it. It is very discouraging to clean the bathhouse and to walk in half an hour later and find that some inconsiderate person has wrecked it, not to mention the health risk of a dirty bathroom!

12. Please clean up your campsite when you leave. Burn all burnable trash, and throw all unburnable trash away in the dumpster. If you need a trash bag ask for one in the store.

13. DO NOT CUT DOWN OUR TREES THEY BELONG TO US, THEY ARE OUR FRIENDS! Nail and screws are not to be used on our trees. Use stretchy cords to hang items from the trees.

14. Firewood cannot be brought into this campground from the following counties: Porter, St. Joseph, Elkhart, LaGrange, Steuben, Noble, DeKalb, Whitley, Allen, Wabash, Huntington, Wells, Adams, Randolph, Hamilton, White, or Marion. This is to enforce the Emerald Ash Bore quarantine imposed by the DNR of Indiana.

These rules are pretty much common sense and courtesy. We hope that everyone has an enjoyable camping trip & that you will come back and camp again.