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Woody's Camp & Bait 

If you're not having fun it's your own "dam" fault!
Located below Mississinewa Dam

Woody’s First Annual
Crappie Tournament Results

Participants in the first annual Woody’s Spillway Camp and Bait Crappie Fishing Tournament were:

Dave Street
Denny Fields
James Wright
Jimmy Wright
Allen Street
Terry Cox
Beth Brown
Gary Clover
Josh Ancil
Ed Drews
Tony Dennison
George Dennison
Trent Brown

Winner of Big Fish was Terry Cox with a 1 lb, 14 inch long crappie.

Winning team was Terry Cox and Allen Street with 7.75 lbs.
Second place team was James Wright and Jimmy Wright with 7.25 lbs.
Third place team was Tony Dennison and George Dennison with 7.0 lbs.

The tournament took place May 12th on the Mississinewa Reservoir.

Terry Cox

George Dennison

Big Fish Photos

If you want to see yourself on this page, stop by Woody’s to have your photo taken!
Pick up your bait at the bait shop. Available: night crawlers, minnows, red worms, shrimp, chicken liver, shad gut and bee moths.
When in season, look for: leeches and soft craw.
Stop by and check out the expanded tackle and fishing supply area inside the bait shop.